Men's Beard Basics: Oils & Balms

Impressive facial hair doesn't happen overnight and it's important you find the right product for you. There's so much information about beard oils and beard balms, so which is superior or better? Although they have similarities, each has a unique set of benefits, and to help you decide, we have the lowdown on both.


Most beard oils are light in consistency and made from all-natural ingredients designed to easily absorb into your facial hair. 

Beard oils:

  • help condition your beard leaving your hair smooth but not too shiny;

  • help relieve any itchiness of your beard and fight against any dry skin and dandruff-like flakes by hydrating your skin; and

  • are usually more heavily scented than beard balms.


Most beard balms are hard, wax-like pastes that can be used to help style your beard, particularly useful for longer length beards.

Beard balms:

  • help make your beard look fuller and more defined as their thicker texture clings to your facial hair;

  • help soothe any itchiness and moisturise your skin; and

  • tend to be less heavily scented than beard oils, making them a more subtle choice of beard product. 

No two beards are the same and different skin types may respond better to beard oils or beard balms. So you have options, use one or the other, or you can use both. If you use both, remember to apply less of each product than normal. Check out our curated range of men's beard oils and men's beard balms made by local brands for men.