Ultimate Gift Guide For Men

Men are notoriously hard to buy for but when it comes to the ultimate gift for men you can't look past men's skincare and grooming products. Men don't always think about their skincare or grooming needs and might never buy these products for themselves.

Therefore, this is your sign! Buy a man in your life one of the All About The Man men's skincare packs as a gift for any occasion. No more testing of your products, that special man will be using products designed for him. You'll be sporting celebrity-like skin together and everyone's bathroom cabinets will look stunning too.

The eight All About The Man men's skincare packs have been personalised to cover men's skincare and grooming for everyday, and every kind of man. Just select your man-type and All About The Man will do the rest. So, here they are:

Outdoorsy Man – $90.00

Our Outdoorsy Man pack is ideal for a man who works or plays outdoors all day and needs that extra bit of care for his skin. This pack includes our 500ml Triumph & Disaster body wash, 100ml Black Leopard face scrub and 100ml Bearskin face moisturiser.

Man On The Go – $115.00

Our Man On The Go pack says it all. Targeted for a man who leads a busy lifestyle and doesn't have time to spend on a skincare or grooming routine. This pack includes our 300ml Black Leopard 2n1 body wash (a great time saver!), 100ml Patricks face wash and 50ml The Aussie Man face moisturiser.

Bearded Man – $95.00

Is there a man you know who has a glorious beard? Or is that you and you'd like to help your beard flourish? If so, our Bearded Man pack is perfect (also check out our beard blog for more inspo). This pack includes our 250ml Stag Supply beard wash, 25ml Valor beard tamer and 200ml Patricks body wash.

Clean Cut Man – $95.00

Our Clean Cut Man pack is the ultimate treat for any man who takes pride in his shaving skills and routine. This pack includes our 90ml Triumph & Disaster shaving cream, 50ml Valor face balm and 125ml Bearskin face wash.

Sporty Man – $95.00

Any man will love our Sporty Man pack if he lives and breathes sport or being active. This pack includes our 500ml Jackson Miles body wash, 100ml The Aussie Man face wash and 100ml Black Leopard face moisturiser.

High Roller Man – $200.00

Why not splurge and feel like a winner with these award winning products! Our High Roller Man pack includes our Patricks face moisturiser (winner - best moisturiser 2021, British GQ Grooming Awards), 150ml Triumph & Disaster face cleanser (winner - men's grooming (Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017) and 30ml Bearskin eye cream. These products will help reduce wrinkles and dark circles and leave that man's skin feeling fresh and looking bright.

Indoor Man – $90.00

Know a man who hangs out in the office or at home all the time and doesn't really see any UV rays? Our Indoor Man pack is perfect for them and includes our 100ml Black Leopard 2n1 face cleanser, 100ml Bearskin face scrub and 90ml Triumph & Disaster face moisturiser.

Man About Town – $135.00

And finally, our Man About Town pack, for a man who is always in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. This pack includes our 200ml Jackson Miles face cleanser, 100ml HESO Men's Grooming face moisturiser and 15ml Triumph & Disaster eye serum.

The All About The Man men's skincare packs are presented in a custom box and wrapped with ribbon to make extra special when opening. Another bonus is that instead of buying men's skincare and grooming products individually you can save up to 15% if you buy our men's skincare packs. A win-win situation!

But...if it's too hard to decide or you'd like that man in your life to decide, don't forget an All About The Man eGift Card is also a faultless choice. Easy, direct to your email and hassle free.

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