Face Scrub For Men

Exfoliate better by using the right face scrub for men only from All About The Man. Face scrubs provide a natural form of exfoliation by helping the body remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin on your face and body to encourage new cells to surface and give you younger-looking skin.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when you exfoliate. Here they are:

Exfoliate at least once a week - for normal type of skin, once a week may suffice, but if your skin is oilier or drier, you may want to increase or decrease the use of facial scrubs accordingly. 

Sweeping, circular motions - when applying facial scrub, this method is guaranteed to not miss any area of your face as opposed to just sporadically scrubbing areas where you think the facial scrub is needed. Avoid the eye and lip areas as the skin here is sensitive.

Buffing not scrubbing - while the idea of a facial scrub is to thoroughly clean your skin, you're not supposed to scrub it like you're scrubbing a wok. It's skin so you are buffing it like buffing your car.

Hydrate and moisturise - after exfoliating with a facial scrub, you need to hydrate and moisturise your skin by using products that will soothe and protect it throughout the day.

Benefits of Face Scrub

Cleans and softens skin - using face scrubs remove dirt build-up and soften the skin. Face scrubs go skin-deep totally eliminating residual build-up.

Prevents acne and other skin problems - many face scrub products contain ingredients that prevent acne, blackheads, whiteheads and other skin blemishes. Read the label.

Keeps you looking young - because your face scrub helps you exfoliate, you have new skin cells so you look radiantly great.

For a smoother shave - using face scrubs before you shave helps you shave easier.

For flake-free skin - when you exfoliate using facial scrubs, fresh skin appears in place of flaky or dead skin.

These are just some of the obvious benefits of using face scrub for men. Check out what All About The Man has for your skin care. We've always got something for your skin that will help you exfoliate better than other facial scrubs on the market. 

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