Beard Grooming Kit

A beard grooming kit is just what you need for men who have decided to keep their beard and care for it. But what does the basic beard grooming kit look like? Well, it should have all the necessities that can get the job done. These are beard wash, beard conditioner, beard oil or balm, beard comb or brush (which comes in many kinds and is dependent on the kind of facial hair you're growing - full beard, moustache, and so on), and a pair of beard scissors. Check out All About The Man's beard care products and see what you can put in your beard grooming kit.

The Necessities of a Beard Kit

Beard wash. Use this 2-3 times a week. There's no need to wash your beard every day as it will render it (and the skin underneath) dry and dull. Beard wash cleans the beard and the skin gently as opposed to using shampoo or bar soap.

Beard conditioner. It's also called beard softener and is used just like any hair conditioner - apply it to your beard and let it sit while showering. Rinse and dry. Beard conditioners hydrate and soften the beard and the skin.

Beard oil/balm. Beard oil functions like a leave-in conditioner for your beard that aids in balancing the natural oils in your beard and skin. Usually applied once a day after showering on a beard that's damp and not soaked.

Beard comb/brush. A beard comb untangles the beard while a beard brush massages and stimulates the skin and follicles to release natural oils in the beard. A beard that's three inches in growth will already need to be combed or brushed. Some beardmen use a beard brush to train the growth of the beard in the right direction.

Beard scissors. To keep your beard neat and tidy, you need beard scissors (the kind that barbers use) to trim and shape your beard.

Your Beard Care

Now that you have the necessities for beard care, here are the things you need to do regularly.

Wash your beard regularly, 2-3 times a week. If there's dandruff, you might want a special shampoo for it. Moisturise your beard by using beard oil or balm after washing your beard. Groom your beard by brushing or combing it daily to prevent tangles and knots. Trim it as needed. 

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